Mouse Clicking with Mac's Automator

This Automator Mouse Website provides you a quick and easy way to add Mouse Clicking functionality to Automator Workflows. Apart from doing Mouse Clicking with Mac Automator you can do Mouse Scrolling, Single or Double Clicking, Mouse Dragging, Automatic Text Typing onto active Application Window and other Actions from within your Mac Automator Workflow. This Automator Software works on all latest 64 bit Mac OS X versions starting with Mac OS X 10.6 and is basically a try before buy application with registration fee of $10.00 only. This Website does provides the appropriate Video Tutorials and Screenshots with which you can start doing Mouse Clicking with the help of Mac OSX Automator within few minutes.

Automator Action to do Mouse Clicking from within Automator Workflow

Download Automator Mouse Click Software

Download Automator Action to do Mouse Click with Automator Workflow. This Software is bundled into an Automator Action which works on Mac 10.8, 10.9 and on Mac OS X 10.10 Operating Systems. There is a usage limit in the free download which can be removed by paying in one time registration fee of $10.00 only.

Features of Automator Mouse Clicking Action

You can Add Mouse Clicking, Text Typing and other Actions to your Mac Automator Workflow with the Software presented here. The Screenshot of Automator Mouse Click Software on the right hand side displays what all this Automator Action can do for you from within the Automator Workflow. In case you want another related action to be added to this Automator Action, do navigate to the Description tab and send an email to the customer support team and get your request fulfilled for free.

How to do Mouse Clicking with Automator Action

This paragraph outlines the steps required to add Mouse Click to Automator Workflow. The procedure to add other Mouse and Keyboard Actions is almost the same. When adding Mouse Dragging to Automator, you would need to add Mouse Dragging Start and Mouse Dragging Finish actions at two different Screen Locations. You can alternatively Watch Video Tutorial which displays all the steps outlined below.

  1. Download and Install the Automator Action.
  2. Launch Automator from Applications or from Launchpad.
  3. When Automator Starts, select the Option to create a Workflow, alternatively you can choose an existing Workflow.
  4. In the Workflow Window, make sure that Actions is selected. In case the option Variables is selected, do click on Actions.
  5. In the Search Box in Automator Workflow, type mouse to view the installed Automator action to do Mouse Click.
  6. Double Click on the Action Name or Drag the Action to build your Workflow.
  7. To define the Screen Location to be Clicked, do Move Mouse Cursor to desired Location and press Control + C to Pick Screen Location in the Automator Action.
  8. Run your Workflow and ensure that Automator has done the Mouse Click at appropriate screen location.

In order to add multiple Mouse Clicks at multiple screen locations, repeat the steps 6 to 8 above. By default this Automator Action performs a Left Mouse Click at Current Mouse Cursor Location. Yes you can change the type of Mouse Click by selecting any other Mouse Action such as Middle Mouse Click, Right Mouse Click or even Double Mouse Click. Do have a look at the above Screenshot which displays all the Mouse and Keyboard Actions supported by this Automator Software.

Other Automator Mouse Click Tutorials

Given below are other Small Video Tutorials which can be played in Quick Time or other Video Player installed on your Macintosh. All these Video Tutorials have been recorded on OX X Mountain Lion and the same procedure applies on other Mac Versions such as OS X Lion (10.7), OS X Mavericks (10.9), and Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6). With the Exception of Mouse Dragging, all Mouse and Keyboard Actions require you to drag the Mouse Clicking Automator Action onto Workflow, selection of Action from the list of available actions and optionally selection of Screen Location. Mouse Dragging and Dropping with Automator requires you to add Mouse Drag Action at the initial location and then addition of Mouse Drop Action at the final location. Do watch any of the given below video tutorial to learn how easy it is to add Mouse Click, Mouse Wheel Scrolling, Keyboard Typing and other Actions to Automator Workflow.

Apart from this way of doing Mouse Clicks with Automator on Mac OS X, you can use Mouse and Keyboard Recorder for Mac which lets you record Mouse and Keyboard Actions which you can playback with a Keyboard Shortcut Or you can also use Mac Auto Mouse Click Software on your Macintosh to create a Macro Script containing Mouse Clicks, Keyboard Typing and other Actions.